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I’m a Producer Like You


If you’re a music producer like me, you know that big name producers in the industry love to keep secrets.  The pros never really tell you how to make those special sounds or how to mix your beat to perfection.

I remember the day I started music production.  After school, I opened my desktop computer and stumbled upon FL Studio 6.  I instantly fell in love with the demo version, churning out beats everyday because there was no save function.  Every beat felt like magic and I knew I was getting better. Since I never came from a solid school of music, I had to search for YouTube videos to help me with the FL Studio software.  Scraping up the terribly made videos on YouTube at the time, I slowly grasped the bigger picture.  Music production started to become more than a hobby.  I loved what I was doing.  I couldn’t stop making beats. I would rush home off the bus and go straight to FL Studio and make more beats to post on my Myspace page.  Once I felt good enough with my production, I started working with local artists and expanded online.  It was a great time for me.  Then I reached a brickwall. It felt like I couldn’t make full songs or get my melodies right. Every beat became a 4 bar loop that never got finished. I lost momentum.  Then I realized, I didn’t know what the pros knew.  So, I set out to study the pros on every level.

Through years of study now working with FL Studio 11, I can see the bigger picture clearly. Now, I am the one helping others to get better at music production.  I know the secrets of the greats.  All their techniques are demonstrated in our many videos at BusyWorksBeats.com and we have the scoop on the cutting edge of the industry.  I found my way out of that cloudy mediocrity of music production and sharpened my skill tremendously.  If I can do it, so can you. If a guy who never had music school, band practices, or even private lessons can do it, I believe you can too. Not only will you be able to make professional music and get paid for your work, you will learn everything the pros know FASTER than ever before. From hard trials and experimentation, I’ve banged and bruised my way to giving you the pure outlines of how pros make their beautiful work.  And it’s all with a click of a mouse using FL Studio or any other DAW.  Electronic music producers are the future.

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