Many think success is some lukewarm game of thinking of ways to make money. Success is a duty. It’s a driver using motivation to get you to your goals. Until you understand your purpose and that it’s your duty to succeed, you may never see true success.

Success can be defined many ways. Let’s just speak on influence. How is it that we still talk about people who died thousands of years ago? It’s because their influence was so great, it lasted into thousands of years into the future.

That’s how you must live. Create a big enough influence to pass down your thought and works into the future to ultimately help more people do the same.

But will you survive the economic storms and turmoil of this world?

Here are 3 things you need to Survive the changes:

1. Define and Align Your Purpose

Why are you here? What it is that you must accomplish? What is your vision to better the world and create massive value?

Until you create an end goal, you will never begin to move in that direction. Having a powerful goal, one that you don’t even believe you can accomplish in one lifetime is what will drive you to create massive value.

2. Discipline, Routine, and Brainwashing

You are the average of the five people you surround yourself with. As as child, you grew up with your parents and family influencing every thought of yours. Until you break away from their thinking, you may never see a new beginning.

Not everyone has the privilege of growing up in a home with parents who have this consciousness.

Identify the outside influences on your life. Are they helping you get to your goals? If not, cut them out of your life and reject all outside influence which does not propel you closer to your goal.

This doesn’t mean, be rude to your family. It means, take their advice with a grain of salt. How can a man without the fruit tell you how to get the fruit???

Discipline and routine will help you exit this past mindset.

3. Believe When Others Won’t

You will be SHOCKED how little your family will believe in your vision. The people that love you don’t even believe in your dream, but you have to make it come to fruition in this world and make it real.

It’s hard to fight the rejection and disapproval from family, that’s why it’s important to get away from their thinking.

You must believe in your purpose in life so strong that you will die knowing you’ve put your best into that purpose.

These are success traits that will get you through any storm.