NAMM Winter 2016 just passed and they had some great companies being represented there.
Which new gear/software do you like from the NAMM Winter 2016 show?
Here is what caught my interest:

Dave Smith Instruments OB-6

Photo: Dave Instruments OB-6

Coming from the new generation of producers, going back in time and
getting to know about the retro gear and classic hardware is exciting for me.
Dave Smith Instruments knows how to catch my attention. I personally own
the Prophet 08 Keyboard Synth and it is phenomenal. Analog is really a sound
of its own. This company knows how to make things exciting which is vital
for inspiration used to create records.

WordPress for Music Artists

I am so glad to see WordPress marketing towards music artists. I have been trying
to explain the importance of differentiating your brand to many producers. But for
some reason, many producers like to look like other producers and get the SoundClick
syndrome, where producers look alike, do business alike and sound alike.
Finally, it’s great news that WordPress is stepping in. With wordpress, artists can
have lots more freedom with ease as WordPress is VERY easy to use and manage
AND there are so many themes and ways to build your website, the chances of you
looking like someone else are slim. It’s so great to hear they showed up for the show.


Universal Audio Brainworx bx digital V3

Mid-Side EQ‘s are one of the essential tools used for mixing and mastering.
With Mid-Side EQ’s, you gain control over the mono (centered) and stereo
(spread out) sounds. This gives you tons of control of how the listener will
perceive the stereo image of your song. Stereo imaging is a HUGE part of
mixing and using these tools will allow more creative approaches.


Hopefully, we can make it out to NAMM and get some good footage

and inside knowledge straight from the developers and representatives.