FL Studio 12 is one of the best DAWs for a reason. It’s perfect for music production and extremely creative ideas. Formerly known as Fruity Loops, this DAW has grown on the hearts of many artists and producers alike.

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We don’t just show you how to make beats, we show you how to use FL Studio fluently. This video is for fl studio beginners, but fl studio for beginners sounds like you won’t learn anything.

That couldn’t be further from the fact! We show you how to produce real music using one of the best DAWs in the market.

FL Studio is a staple in thousands of studios for a reason, it is perfect for composition.  Enough flattery, let’s get to the free training in fl studio. We will help you transition from FL Studio 11 to FL Studio 12.

The differences between FL Studio 11 and FL Studio 12 aren’t huge but it can take some getting used to. In fruity loops 12, we show you how to make beats and songs. You will know how to make your own beats and ultimately create your own music projects. It’s never been so fun to make your own music. Truly, if you don’t think so, at least try the demo. The demo allows you to use the tools just as I do, except you can’t save 🙁

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