I like to keep premium articles short and to the point so
you don’t have to read a novel 🙂

The Benefits of a Beat Player:
-Instant AUTOMATED delivery
-Embed Function

Everything else is arbitrary if you plan on running your
own business. Beat players are just used to demo
your songs. If you treat it like the store, then you
are limiting your store front and business based
on what the beat player can do.

Why Do We Use Beat Players If:
-We only sell one song at a time
-No integration with your Mailing List
-Don’t rely on it for traffic

Beat players are NOT virtual managers,
businesses in a box, or hands off businesses.

Yes, they automate, but it takes MUCH MORE
to run a business than just 1 System

It’s a system. An automated sequence
of actions which frees you of time to
do higher value things

Don’t rely on it to do it all for you,
no matter what stats you see

Game, BusyWorksBeats.com