Trap Beats are EASY to make. It’s one of the most popular genres in music today and you can create these beats in FL Studio 12 or any new version of FL Studio. There are many tutorials by Busy Works Beats but this one will show you a more simple approach which creates the more complex sound. Learning to sound modern is the key in staying relevant in today’s music. I’ll show you the techniques you need to sound modern in Trap.

Today, we continue the trap series right here at and I’ll show you how to create fl studio trap. This FL Studio 12 tutorial will guide you step-by-step in how to achieve a full trap beat using Nexus plugins and some native plugins.

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Trap is about sound selection and post production effects. You can take a bland sound and turn it into a great trap melody and take a great drum and make any bland music sound like trap. It’s a unique genre indeed. Trap is similar to New Jack Swing in that the drum samples are the “sound.” Flutes are ubiquitous in trap music along with bells, piano, guitar, synth pads, and Roland TR 808 drum samples.  It’s an evolving genre with tons of potential. It’s even crossed over into pop with the creation of EDM Trap which has now settled as simple pop music with trap drums and vibe.

In the video above, I will show you techniques in Nexus which you may have overlooked and I will show you how to create effects without using a midi controller (such as mod wheel automation and pitch automation). If you want your melodies to sound more alive and vibrant, it’s essential to add motion in the pitch (vibrato) and maybe add some modulation using the mod wheel.

Trap beats are easy to create but sound complex.