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Piano Lessons

Learning Piano is Essential for Production

Quick Piano Learning is a term that should be used relatively.  Learning anything will take time and that is just how it is.  When it comes to learning piano and guitar, repetition is essential. But repeating bad habits does not make you any better. That is why I like this. Something that teaches the correct habits and know-how to get better at playing piano. Instead of relying on samples that may not get cleared in the production process, take control of your playing and create great progressions and rhythms.  All you need is a midi keyboard!

1. Study the Greats

Studying people who are born with the natural talent to make great music is the first step to learning piano quickly.  Breaking down the chords with sheet music and practicing chord changes will help you get the correct finger positions to make better music.

2. Find a teacher

Just like learning math and reading, you needed a teacher who was fluent in the skill to show you the concepts and give you a level of awareness needed to do better in the skill field.  In this case, piano lessons for your piano keyboard are significant in your development.  You can only learn as high as the tree grows, so pick the right tree.

3. Write Music

Writing music will expand your understanding in what makes chords sound good.  Learning music is one aspect of playing music and playing is another.  Understand basic chords and teach your ear to recognize chord harmonics in a certain scale.  At the end of the day, writing music will suit you best.


These tips were brought to you by experience and many failures.  I have tried many times to learn music but was learning from the wrong people.  This program is suitable for producers and musicians who use piano in their compositions.

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