If You’re Tired of Spending Money on Promotion, This is For You.
Hey everybody,

I’m new in the game and have the ability to actually put a budget aside for monthly promotion. I know we all don’t have that privilege. In the past, I have spent good money on promotion. And it seems like the more you spend, the less effective it is. I mean this in a subjective manner, of course. I don’t want to claim that not spending money means you’ll get better results. My point is, where I spent the money is where I could have done it for free and had things turn out better.

I have heard of friends who paid promoters to do the work for them, to save the time. In the end, they were not pleased. So, I did some research on inside promotion and found some realistic techniques that actually work and only take a little time. I am not trying to bash promoters, because they all have their place but most promotion we can do on our own.

How much have you guys spent for a single promotion? If not a $ amount, relatively how much did it dent your budget.

I wanted to share this video on how to do the high level promotional stuff for free. Click here to watch the YT vid.

I have my own theory own where $ should be spent but let me know where you guys spent that budget.

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