Personal Websites better than Music Selling Marketplaces?

ryan leslieMany people think starting their own website is the best solution for selling beats online. They could not be any more incorrect.  With over saturated platforms like SoundClick and YouTube, producers are looking for new outlets to market their beats to artists who are willing to buy them.  It is essential to put your eggs in many baskets because you never know which websites you will be popular on.

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Websites COST

There are lots of unseen costs to having your own website. Especially when you plan to put music players and music shopping cart systems on your site.  To avoid these unneeded costs and achieve a greater chance for success, you must use beat selling platforms to boost your customer base.  Without a solid “name”, it is risky to start your own site without guidance from a mentor.  Take this advice and use the many platforms the internet has blessed you with today.


Get Paid for Other Producer’s Customers

When you use music selling platforms, artists have the ability to find and work with multiple producers to create albums, EPs, and mixtapes.  With the collective of talent, everyone wins. The artists gets the beats they like and quickly, the producers get business clients, and the listeners get a great collaborative piece of music.  Take your claim to more credits and credit cards by joining music selling platforms.

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