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We are from the Philly area.
How did Busy Works Beats get started and how did you arrive at where you are now currently with the site and youtube Channel.
I recently published a
 video called
This video explains how
 I leveraged free platforms
to get my business rolling.

It all started in a Facebook

 producer community, where
 I set out to initially help my
friends through some issues
they faced while producing music.
I would publish my help
videos to YouTube and
it just became a thing by
I was in university at
the time. So during holiday
breaks, I would do more
videos to help my friends.
After some time, I decided
to remake the Jay-Z – Tom
Ford instrumental and that’s
what spawned my YouTube
Ever since then, it felt like
I was working toward
something rather than just
putting stuff online.
I see too many producers and
songwriters get discouraged.
In short, you don’t need money
to make money. And you don’t
have to be perfect right away.
Your business will grow overtime
if you focus on creating value
for your clients. Put them first,
and you will follow.
Think of your business like a
child. First it’s an infant, then
a teen, then an adult.
We came across your Youtube Channel while looking for some production tips for new producers, what do you think are some of the most common mistakes new producers make when starting out and what are some things you would recommend in order to break some of those bad habits or correct the errors?
I will list for you the Top Ten
Mistakes New Producers Makes
1-Lack of Intent
You are the cause
Your song is the intention
If you have no intention
there is no movement
from the cause
Leaving you stuck
in what’s called
“writer’s block”

Always tune into
that radio station
in your head which
never stops providing
you with millions of
melodies day in
and day out.
2-Deviating from Intent
When you set your
intention, be sure
to never change your
aim as this causes
your initial intent
to be cancelled.
Think of it as points.
You are the main
point (A).
Your intention is the
second point (B).
Songwriting is getting
from point A to Point
A •―• B
But, producers tend to
lack focus and veer
from point B, to
point C.
A• ⟨
This causes your
initial intent to suffer
because you never
complete the connection
between point A and
point B by translating
your intent (song idea)
This is the feeling
of failure.
3-Lack of Training
Song ideas also
may not be translated
because you are
lacking some form
of training.
Whether that’s in
music theory or
in music production.
We can help you
fix that issue.
4-Taking on Advanced Material
If you’re a beginner,
you must learn
beginner things first.
I know it’s tempting
to learn how to make
a Skrillex Track
But if you don’t know
anything about
sound design, sampling,
your DAW, or even
music theory,
you will only be
confusing yourself
and increasing
your chances
of giving up.
I don’t want you
to give up.
That’s why I’ve
created the
5-Self Learning
If you follow a fool,
you will become one.
If you don’t know
what you’re doing,
you won’t magically
learn how to do
something from
your own guidance.
Learn from a mentor
someone who will
guide you step by step
through music production.
6-Calling Yourself a Beat Maker
You are more than a
beat maker
You are a producer.
One who takes an
invisible dream and
makes it a reality.
7-Investing Poorly
There are three main
focuses for any home

-Mixing (Post Production)
Pick one focus and
spend your money
on buying equipment
you know you WILL
I can’t tell you how many
thousands I’ve spent on
things I didn’t use fully,
Even my university education.
Take inventory of what you
use daily.
Then, look at the things
you know you are missing
which will increase your
productivity or product quality.
Then, invest in those things
If you have a composition
studio, microphones are
at the bottom of your investment
If you have a mixing studio,
analog synths should be nowhere
near the top of your list.
8-Calling it a Hobby
Let me put it to your straight
You will never truly succeed
unless you decide to take this
seriously and put all your
energy and focus into it.
NASA didn’t get to the moon
by “Kind of” filling the gas
tank of the space shuttles.
9-Always and Nevers
There are no “always”
There are no “nevers”
If you ever hear a person
say otherwise, they are
leading you into the wrong
direction in music production
Music is the creation of
beauty using voice and
Beauty is subjective.
It is seen differently in
each person.
10-Genre Minutiae 
Genres are ways to stick out,
not rules to follow.
Create a genre, don’t
follow one
Dubstep existed before
Skrillex decided to call it
After he named it dubstep,
anyone trying to create the
style had to refer to his track.
This is a great way to
become an instant leader
in any genre.
But anyone can come up
with genres.
Tomorrow, I can decide
to be the father of
Fantasy Trap or
Subgenres are just a bunch
of manmade things
Don’t get caught up in
Music is a very creative outlet for a lot of people how would you describe the creative process and if possible how would you apply that to life and not just music??
If you want to blow your
mind about the idea of
L. Ron Hubbard, the
father of scientology
wrote an incredibly
simplified explanation
in his book “The Factors
He writes:

“Before the beginning
was a Cause and the
entire purpose of the
Cause was the creation
of effect.” (The Factors-L.Ron Hubbard)

The book goes on with
more detail and is very
short and easy to read
but it just blows my
mind how he simplifies
such a complex matter
This is creativity, creation.
We are the source of cause
and our ideas are our intentions.
Creativity or creative power
is the fulfillment of our intention.
To link point A with Point B.
The link between Point A
and Point B is light.
Light is the highest frequency
Light is knowledge.
Light contains the frequency
of life.
When you love your intention
you will connect with it
at a higher affinity causing
you to fulfill the connection
between cause and effect
Point A and point B.
Love what you do and
always focus on your
initial intention.
Your content not only touches on the music aspect but also some really good general tips for being successful in life. Can you talk about the importance of having the balance of life/music production?
Here’s an insider tip,
there is NO Work/Life
The middle class mindset
will tell you, you can work
4 hours a week and become
It’s an exaggeration.
Ask any wealthy or successful
leader and they will tell you
it’s about sacrifice.
In university, I had to sacrifice
college parties and nights out
on the town for studying for
a huge test.
If I didn’t study, I would fail
and get kicked out of school,
ultimately wasting my money.
You must sacrifice.
Until you commit to music
production and becoming
a producer of value, creating
value for others constantly,
you will only see ordinary
If you want to live like the
extraordinary, the abundant,
the prosperous, the people
who have more than enough
you must decide NOW to
focus on creating value for
others by serving them
 and giving them what they
want. Period.
There is no other way
for you to create what we
call “money”
Money, is a symbol of
If you create Value, you
will essentially have more
We use money to measure
value creation.
And only you can control
how much value you create
You are the average of the
5 people you spend the most
time around.
If you want more. If you want
success, get around people
who have it and get away from
those who don’t
Your family, your friends, your
media, your negative influences,
you must shed if you wish to
renew your mind and walk with
the abundant.
Back to music, how do you think producers can find their own style using the tools your site or Your Youtube has to offer?
Our approach is to show
you how to create from
the mind of the artist.
Too many are chasing
a “sound”
One of the characteristics
is that most super producers
create from the viewpoint
of their client
If Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins
is making a club track for
Britney Spears, he is going
to reference her material and
brand and create from that
If he is creating for Michael
Jackson or Brandy, his sound
will change because he is
making music in the vein
of the artist.
The client comes first.
If you build your product from
their viewpoint, you will be
miles ahead of the game
Having a “sound” is overrated
and can disappear tomorrow.
But don’t underestimate the
power of creating your own
genre. That is a bit different.
Your genre is how people find
Your songs however should
cater to the artist/business at
These days we have access to many tools and pieces of information and there are so many people who have an interest in becoming producers, what would you say to an aspiring producer, or someone who may be struggling with developing their own sound?
Stop chasing a sound.
Find a mentor.
Commit NOW
Start off easy and
gradually get into
harder training
other’s way of
business or site
Don’t wait for someone
else to do all the work
Create Value for your
Serve your clients
Put your clients first
each day so that when
you wake up, all you
think about is creating
value for them
Change your environment
What does Inspiration mean to you and your company and how do you reflect on this?
Inspiration is needed
when you don’t have
a strong affinity for
your intention.
It helps you get from
Point A to Point B
I get inspired when I find
a new way to create more value
for my clients
However, Not everyone is motivated
by the same thing:
Some are motivated by money,
some by recognition, and others
by sex.
There are many different forms
of motivation and inspiration
but I’ve found that truly gifted
music people have a radio
station going on in their
head with constant song ideas
floating around
Just listen and record that idea
into your iphone for safe keeping
Where do you see Busy Works Beats moving forward in to the future? What is the ultimate goal with the company?
I don’t know the future.
I just want to grow and continue
to add value to music producers
around the world.
My goal is to generate over 50B
in value for my company and
To give 100M bibles to the world
(my purpose)
To reach 3 Billion with my training,
services, and teachings
To obtain 200M subscribers around
the world.
To write 20 books
Shoutouts (We usually reserve this for artist shoutouts, but please feel free to expound on anything that wasnt covered above, of course if you want to shout anyone out please feel free to do that as well.)
The 10X Rule-Grant Cardone
Outwitting the Devil-Napoleon Hill
Rework-Jason Fried
I want you to have success
in 2016.
If you want to step out of the
life of lack and struggle
and step into the life of
prosperity and abundance
beyond belief
Thank you,