Trends are great ways to get in front of more people faster. It doesn’t mean you have to give into every trend. Find the trends which are relevant and ride the wave. No need to be ashamed. People are peaked in interest of those topics and want to experience those trends longer. Even du-rags had a 10 year run.

These 3 Tips will show you how to spot a trend and act on it.

1.Twitter is Not the Only Source for Trends

For keeping up with trends, be sure to check the top sites of your industry. For Hip Hop, those would be WorldStarHipHop, Google Trends, Twitter, Datpiff, and always check Alexa Top 100 sites.

Use these trends to bring more people to your business. You don’t have to build a business around trends.

2. Catch Phrases

Catch phrases are trends as well. Phrases like: on fleek; it’s lit; turn up; tho; bae; turnt; basic; shade; yass; AF; squad; dead; no chill; or nah, are all trending ideas. These phrases are used by the young people of today and they cross many boundaries. So you can extend your reach by incorporating slang into your business.

3. Memes

Memes are great because they’re like mini jokes and also inside jokes. The people who get the joke are rewarded when they see a meme in the same vein. Use memes lightly. You don’t want people to think you’re in the funny business.

All these aspects should be applied creatively to make your business more relevant and with the people. Ride the waves.