I’ve recently listened to over 50 songs for beat feedback and most of them were GREAT. They all had their own lane and their own vibe. BUT, why is it that most of them don’t have a large following?

How to Get a Large Following

1. Find your Audience – Who are you talking to?
You have to be REALLY specific when choosing your audience. Everyone does not like the same stuff. For example, why would a trap artist get on a country beat?

2. Deliver Value to Your Audience
Everyone’s audience is different. They all want something specific. Find that thing by asking and measuring the response of your work. Continuous deliver value to them, both free and charge.

3. Communicate with Your Audience

Okay, you’ve found people. You have their attention, now what? Communicate with them. Talk about your experiences and what got you to where you are and how you plan to bring them more value over time. Ask them what they want and what things they like to read/hear on a daily basis.

4. Repeat

People tend to over complicate things, but it all comes down to how much value you deliver. Increase your value and continuously deliver.

Thank you,

Game, BusyWorksBeats.com