DJ’s like Diplo understand one thing. That is, in order to dominate, you will need a team. This team won’t be your typical team. We are talking about a team of artists just like you.

Usually what we hear in the music industry is that teams are vital, build your team. That is true, but by team, they usually mean get an attorney, get an accountant, get a manager. Today, we won’t focus on gathering professionals to solidify your musical legacy. We will inspect the aspects of a musical collective.

As the music industry moves at top speed, it is critical you can keep up with the pace. Diplo found a great way to do this and keep one identity in the process and that is to form a collective of artists and DJ’s. How will forming a collective benefit you?

Forming a collective will give you ONE place to publish music. And as you know, speed is the new music game. So, to stay consistent with the music market and publish tons of music, you must form a collective. The collective will be branded as an entity that can keep up with this rapid music market and you will have an endless amount of music to supply your loving fans, all while maintaining your individual careers and identities. It’s a win, win win. Everybody wins in this case.

Start today by forming your own collective and building buzz.  The collective will help you stick out since you have more creators doing work. And speed is vital. So, take it from Diplo, one of the top Dance DJ’s in the world, and form a collective.

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