Hey again,

I just got finished reading a book about higher level music theory and concepts in frequency. It just amazes me how people can complicate the easiest of things. Do you really think cave men and early civilizations had to map out the ratios of frequency and harmonic structures to sing in harmony to the creator? NO! They understood pitch and simply expressed what was in their minds. Isn’t that amazing?, you don’t even need to know music theory to think of symphonies in your mind.

Let’s simplify music again. Here are three easy steps to simplifying music theory

  1. Understand the Chord Codes

It truly does pain me to see people have to struggle every year in music classes, some even considering dropping out, simply because the teachers present the material in such an overly complicated manner. What I have discovered are chord codes. These codes will let you create chords regardless of scale. Watch the video below for the strategy of using chord codes

2. Naming Comes LAST

Just like Adam named the animals in the garden of Eden AFTER they were created, we too name chords and scales AFTER we create them. I see so many times producers and artists have trouble understanding chords and scales because they were taught to memorize the scale or chord (which is needed at certain levels of playing) but when it comes to truly understanding chords and scales, you must understand WHY. This video goes over the new method of learning:

3. You Only Need a Scale and One Chord Code

Believe it or not, all you need to make great music is to learn how to build chords from a scale and the major chord code 0-4-7. Lots of chords are derived from the 0-4-7 chord code (explained in step 1). This video will show you how to use a scale to map out your harmonies:


Again, save the years and hours of brain pain by taking the easiest music theory course in the world here