Trap music was born in the south. From storylines of struggle, heavy drug use, and crime Рtrap music became an outlet for former and active gangsters and criminals to express themselves and share their stories.

Trap beats use 808 Bass, Hard snares, Punchy kicks, and rapid hit hats. It may also include chords with tension, brass, or even repetitive piano melodies. Trap is about the rhythm and the master of the rhythm will conquer the genre.

Trap music is an extension of rap music, it did NOT start in the EDM clubs. But which perspective is the best buy? If you were put onto trap from and EDM record, you may have a completely different perspective of where trap really came from.

All people had was a dj mixer and a dream and took trap and added their spin to it, I salute them but hip hop music is know to get stolen from, most the time blatantly. It’s a culture thing.

EDM is cool and everything but it sounds NOTHING like trap which stemmed from the south. Now, all people have to do is add a detuned saw lead to an 808 and they call it trap, NO. I understand, you may be beginners and that’s why I made these tutorials for you. If you started on Soundclick or on Soundcloud, we will show you how to expand the genre.

Let’s get started:


Learning music production is a craft.

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