The First Chamber

The Second Chamber

Dark and Twisted Sounds are taking Over Hip Hop. From artists like Travis Scott, Drake, Metro Boomin, Young Thug, Post Malone, Lil' Wayne, Rae Sremmurd and more...this genre of sound all started with Kanye West. It morphed and changed into a melodic hip hop culture centered around darker melodies and sinister sounds.

Imagine walking into your studio session, plugging in your aux, hitting play and instantly capturing the vibe of the culture. These sounds will save you time noodling around in the studio and help you get straight to the vibe.

We've studied all the top acts and songs and have compiled sounds worth hours of study. The sounds were processed through vintage processors which achieve the authentic retro dark sound.

What's Inside?

13 Sinister Sound Stacks (Royalty FREE Loops)

Not Overly Mixed

Drag and Drop Sounds into Your DAW

Includes Acapella Hook Ideas

Includes Melody Ideas


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