Image Line’s FL Studio has become one of the most used music production software programs in the United States.  It has been updated to a refined product and has become a staple in tons of producer’s studio.  Some may have a negative view of the software but do not be fooled. FL Studio is a powerful DAW with great functionality and ease of use. It is not the industry standard for recording, but many producers create their hits with FL Studio.  Of course, they make their track sound good with third party plugins but FL Studio is a great way to get into music production.

Learning the basics can be a daunting task, even though the program is so easy to use.  Over 7 years have been dedicated to learning the functionality of FL Studio by Busy Works Beats. There is no need to spend this much time trying to learn a program.  With some simple steps, you can get your beat sounding like the pros.  Watch this video to learn the necessary steps to get your music production to its best.

If you make it through the three step series, you should be well on your way to making better music.

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