Listening back to your audio tapes can be both a pleasing experience and sometimes a dreadfully awful ordeal.  The reason is that what you hear when you speak from your own vocal cords is separate from what you hear on a recording. Here’s Why

When you speak from your vocal cords and hear your voice as you are speaking, you are hearing both a bone vibration and an air vibration. Your voice vibration is carried from your vocal cords to your inner ear, where sound is processed. You also get to hear your voice as you speak in the environment, caused by air vibration. So, you have two forms of audio when you speak live.

When you listen back to a recording, you no longer have the vibrations coming from your vocal cords and you only hear the air vibrations. This is why you think you sound different.  You are only hearing the air vibrations caused by recording audio and no longer have your rich vocal cords vibrating towards your ears.

Now that the mystery is solved, here are a few tips you can use to get your voice back to how you like it. When you are mixing and processing your audio recording, try cutting out the nasally sound around 400-550HZ (depends on your vocal range) by 3dB. This will lower the presence of the nasally sound.

If you are a male, try boosting your chest resonance around 150-250Hz. This will make your vocal sound more powerful and full.

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