The Evolution of the Music Producer

How You can Evolve to the Next Level

Congratulations! You made it to the new era of music production.  From the past days of expensive analog gear, we have moved into a new way of producing music. Electronic music is a product of innovation and many years of testing, taking the analog world and converting it into its digital form of 1’s and 0’s.  If you are a gear head no need to abdicate your metal throne.  There is a new trend of hybrid music production syndicated by the industry leaders.  Let’s face it, the music industry is in a state of permutation. The once powerful record labels are now abated and many business prophets have been abashed. Let’s take a look at how you can evolve as a music producer.

Rid Bad Habits

The first step in evolution as a music producer is to shed your aberrant habits which hold you from the next level.  We all get into repetitive cycles we call habits. Whether these habits are constructive or destructive is our choice.  We must rid our ineffective habits and build habits which support growth in music production. Take a conscious step to rid yourself of repetitive action and try something new.  If you use FL Studio, you can start here:

Refine Your Mastery in 3 Steps

Music production is a process of abatement. We must shed all the unnecessary mediocrity in our work. To refine our mastery in production we need to practice, focus, and grow. To achieve these three aspects of music production, one must choose to advance in knowledge of the subject. That’s what Busy Works Beats premium members learn everyday, tons of concepts in music production and how to videos, join for free here.


From Silver to Gold

Transmuting your production silver to gold is a process of discovering what really matters. To achieve the “next level” one must accept the fact that they may have to abase their music to be optimal for audio consumption. Not all music listeners know or even care about the many parameters being tweaked in the chorus or the time it took to make the beat, sometimes they just want to dance.  Making things complicated is not always the answer. Sometimes a bottom heavy beat will appear vivacious to the listeners.  No need for Abbey Road arrangements, simplicity is a grand factor in music consumption. At Busy Works Beats, not only do we teach based on a priori, but we abhor the mediocrity of bad habits in music production.  Join now for free here