I keep the premium articles short and to the point, no fluff. Here are 5 ways to multiply your business now

  1. Stop doing manual work!!!– the internet and computers were built to free us up from time.

    Don’t waste time doing menial things like sending orders and posting to social media manually.Use these tools to free time through automation (This doesn’t mean become lazy and ONLY automate, it just frees your time to do other things)Email Autoresponders-Mailchimp, Infusionsoft, Aweber, GetResponse

    Use the email autoresponders to send out messages to broad audiences, just like you would by uploading to your social media BUT it’s better 🙂 You can even create auto campaigns which turn prospects into customers.

    Social Media Automation-Buffer, Hootsuite, etc.

    I switched from Hootsuite to buffer because buffer offered instagram posts and some other things and I just find it less complicated than hootsuite but hootsuite offers free accounts, I’m not sure about buffer

    Schedule Content Drip Release-Instead of constantly taking time out of your day, you can do lots of content all at once and then schedule the release throughout the month/week. This is helpful because everyday may require something new to focus on and your routine will have to switch. So, having content ready to go on a daily basis will help you focus your energy on what really matters for the day instead of saying “Oh, I forgot to release the content…” and then proceed to do a rush job.

    Time COSTS so don’t waste it, free it up so you can do higher value activities.

  2. Contract Freelancers– There are a plethora of places you can find freelancers. Here are a few.

    Fiverr.com – This site is based around low costs for freelance work BUT you may not get the quality you want or the items in time. So, be cautious. Even though this seems like the low hanging fruit, I would be sure to weigh all the options. But, you can always test.Upwork.com – This is where businesses go to outsource tasks and skillsets. It’s a little more advanced but focus on creating a specific time frame and ALWAYS check their work history.

    These freelancers will help free up time. TIME. TIME. TIME is COSTLY, don’t waste it doing things of less value. Delegate these lesser value things to others and let them utilize their skills. I know it’s hard to give up control, but you must do this in order to free your time. You only have 24 hours in a day, and a limited set of skills you’re actually an expert in. So, don’t be afraid to spend $$$ to save time. Time is all you have. Money can be remade.

  3. Scale– When you know your idea/product is working push it harder with advertising.

    Be careful with advertising not to scale too quickly by going from $20/day ad to $200/day without measuring or knowing any metrics.Scaling is about multiplying your idea into the marketplace. Once you know FOR SURE that your product/service works and matches with your market, THEN and ONLY THEN, should you amplify your services and products through scaling.Scaling is simply upping your ad spend on your stuff. It also refers to business growth but that’s beyond the subject at hand.
    We already went over ways to scale above, by freeing your time.

  4. Push HARDER-Listen, everyone thinks they’re going hard until they hit the olympics.

    You may be creating the illusion that you’re working really hard. Are you really? Instead of just assuming, push harder on social media. People need to know you. Trust is VITAL in all sales. When’s the last time you bought candy from a guy that just randomly pulled up in a white van? Probably never.The perception is the same online, even worse if no one knows you. So, get known. Use social media as extra reach and extra arms to take people back to your site to go through your different marketing strategies. It’s all about finding the right people who are interested in what you have to offer and then getting them to actually transact with you.

  5. Is Your Business to Heavily Focused Around You?If you can’t leave your business and it still operates, you don’t have a business, you have a job. This doesn’t mean you need employees it just means you need the systems set up to free you of your time and let you go about your day without having to do anything in the business yet still get paid from transactions.Also, when scaling if your business is too heavily focused around your personality and YOU BEING THERE, then it will be hard to scale because there is only one you and you only have so many hours in a day.

    This doesn’t mean shy away from displaying your personality, it just means if you HAVE TO BE THERE to get a transaction then you’re only restricting yourself to time.

    Enjoy implementing,

    Game, BusyWorksBeats.com