Music production is one of the most unique roles in the music industry. With so much creative freedom, we tend to overlook the obvious.

1. There’s More to Music Than Music

This seems obvious, but how many producers can you name that think if they just make the hottest track, they’ll be famous. Well, are they famous? It takes more than hot music to be elite in the music industry. ¬†Simply admitting that will lead you into more avenues into becoming more in this industry.

2. You’re an Evil Scientist

Right after work, we hit the “lab”. Hello, LAB. L-A-B, short for laboratory, where scientists experiment and do things which have never been done before to possibly create something that hasn’t been made before and works. You must experiment and try new things. Creativity is boundless and experimenting will open doors with which you were never aware. Out of chaos comes order.

3. You Create the Whole Picture

Producers have the responsibility of preparing a full Song. A Song is a product. A Song consists of vocals, music, and mixing. Overseeing the whole process is the primary role of a producer. Step into your role and make it your commitment to create excellence in each step of the song.

4. You Don’t Have to Be an Evil Scientist

As evil scientists who create things unknown, you don’t have to always step into chaos. You can use the time other scientists spent developing a sound from the chaos and use it for your experiment. What this means is we can use things which are made for us and still create brilliant songs. Do you know how your car engine works? You still use the car to drive right? Same thing with sounds, equipment and presets. Just because you don’t know how to make a sound, doesn’t mean you don’t have the right to use it and profit.

5. Relationships Rule

Relationships will open doors which will always be closed for the general public. Make it your goal to make someone else’s life more valuable and in turn, you will create a relationship. Relationships can lead to great partnerships and benefits for the future.


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