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I will keep this short.

1. Believe in Your Price

If you don’t believe in your price, why should I? I could tell you to charge $2,000 per song but if you don’t believe you could charge that much, you won’t. So asking for the best beat price is irrelevant if you don’t believe in your own price.

2. Test Price

Price is a myth. It doesn’t exist. It changes from the perspective of different people. Test your prices. Change them. See which prices get the most response and work best for your business model.

3. The Business Formula (Value>Price=Exchange)

When value exceeds price, we exchange and trade. That is the formula for all transactions in business. If people don’t trade with you, it’s because the value is not high enough in the deal. Increase your value proposition.

4. What are You Really Selling?

You are not selling song quality, you are selling the potential to become a hit song. Quality is subjective. Some people like tape hiss, some don’t. Some like vinyl scratches, some don’t. So how can we really judge song quality? People don’t buy a song JUST because it’s masterfully crafted. Look at the sales of Jazz instrumentals. Some of the best musicians in the world, recorded in some of the best studios in the world, yet Justin Bieber and Drake top them in the charts.

You are not selling “Quality.” You are selling the potential of that song becoming a hit song based on what YOUR AUDIENCE wants to hear.

The song “Panda” by Desiigner was crafted from an online beat. Desiigner saw the potential in the track, added his creativity and now the song is topping charts. Even though some songwriting experts would critique the mix, his lyrical content, or the repetition of the beat — That doesn’t matter to the person BUYING the song. Quality is subjective.

5. You’re Exchanging Time for Money

The whole point of music is to escape the exchange time for money game. Think licensing. How can you sell your music multiple times? Instead of wasting 6 hours to sell a beat for $X and have to repeat the process, how can you invest 6 hours to sell the beat over and over again without limits?

I wanted to keep this short. These 5 reasons will be explained more deeply on our YouTube page

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