I know you’re a music person, so I won’t bore you with tons of text you don’t care about. I will get straight to the point today and give you the hidden reasons as to why music goes viral.

1. It’s a Cog in the machine

The most obvious reason a song goes viral is because it’s backed by heavy investors and backed by many influential outlets.

2. Singable Melodies

If your melody can be sung by the listener, they are more likely to repeat it and sing it out loud for others to get it stuck in their head.

3. Dance Related

Dancing usually requires more than one person. We display our dance to others and even learn how to dance via music videos. Watching those videos over and over again to learn the dance, then showing it to others is the reason dance songs get to the top. Even if the song isn’t that great.

4. DJ Army Backs Song

With the massive influx of DJs both festival and frat house basement, musicians have the largest amount of music outlets than ever before in history. Now we can stream, rotate, download and view more than ever before in history. Even if the DJs don’t use the official released song, it’s still being played at the 50-100 person college party. Those numbers add up and there has to be at least 3 parties per college every weekend.

5. Tied to Huge Product Release

We have seen the insane success of GTA V. Selling 52 million copies of the video game Rockstar set new standards for the gaming industry. With games, comes music scoring. Anyone who was on that game gained exposure to over 50 million people. That’s insane. When your song is tied to a movie, video game, or even a TV Show you have a great chance of gaining more popularity.