Hey again, today I have real reasons you experience writer’s block.

1. Deviating from Your Song Idea

Your original song idea is what inspires you to create. Your job is to translate that song idea. The more you deviate from that Idea, the more you experience writer’s block. To maintain your focus on your original idea, try recording your song ideas into rough audio demos. You can whistle, hum, sing or beatbox your idea into your phone, computer, or recording device to store your original idea. Then, simply make it your task to translate.

2. Lack of Intention

With easy accessibility to a studio, we tend to forget how laboursome it was back in the day to create a record. Money was involved in the recording process. So, it forced people to make things work faster. You didn’t just go into a recording studio with no idea as to what you were going to do, you went with your song idea.

3. Lack of a Skill

The most obvious of writer’s block is the fact that we don’t know how to translate our musical idea. That is simple because you can learn about music production, but losing a song idea is like losing the dream from which you awoke. It’s almost impossible to remember the experience. So, make it a habit to get those song ideas into a memorable form. You can always learn music production.