If you want to learn how to make melodies, I will show you 3 quick tricks you can use to make your music make more sense. I’m using FL Studio to demonstrate the concepts but you can use any DAW you like. This melody tutorial was made with you in mind. I cut right to the techniques I use on various songs. These 3 tricks to better melodies will help you make better melodies every time.

The first melody secret is to think of your melody like a conversation, with questions and answers. This fundamental concept is embedded in almost every melody known to man because we humans love tension and release. This music theory tutorial is one of many in this free series:

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You can apply these melodic techniques to make a piano melody or use any instrument you like in your DAW of choice. This melody magic was revealed because people kept asking how I create melodies so easily. So, I shared my simple concepts to help you shape more powerful melodies.

Some teachers make music theory unnecessarily complicated. We make it easy to understand by showing you how simple making a melody can really be. With the video above, my goal is to have you walk away with at least 10 new melody ideas.

Melodies are a combination of many music theory understandings, so if you’re having issues learning melody, it’s because you’re skipping the other important concepts like chords, chord progressions, scales, circle of 4ths and 5ths, modes, scale degrees and timing.

Once you get those fundamentals down, you’ll make better melodies by accident.