The Three Aspects of Every Beat Business


Your Audience

Many Producers think just making hot beats is enough. It’s NOT. Every business has an audience, a select people which benefit from the business’s existence.  Not everyone benefits from every business. This is why you don’t see men buying feminine products or gangsters listening to folk music.  That’s step one, identify your true audience.

Even hip hop has different flavors. There is Trap, Boom Bap, Rap, Club Music, and many more sub-genres. You might love the majority of boom bap songs but hate trap. That’s a fine example of realizing that everyone does not like what you make.  Pick a genre and sub-genre and market your beats to the people who like that sub-genre.  You would be wasting time and money trying to sell pop beats to a boom bap artist.

The number one flaw holding back 95% of producers is that they think just because their beat is hot, it will sell. NO, incorrect. You must match your audience with your music. That’s the reason extremely talented artists don’t get the shine they deserve. It’s the reason why less talented artists are in the spotlight. It’s about what the people want, not what you want. Tons of producers get stuck in their own world. Thinking everything they do is great. Well, if you continue thinking of only yourself, you will be your only customer.

Your Music

Mediocre music will not sell as quickly as great music. After you align your business to serve your audience, it will soon become a matter of creating good products.  Positioning your beat business is part of the issue, but think in common terms. If you make below average quality beats, you cannot expect above average results. We all know time and effort are key in achieving high quality beats. Slacking on effort and the time you put into making your beat sound its best will hinder any opportunity for the beat to sell.  Your music MUST be up to standards in order to even be considered in the beat market.

Along with adding quality to your music, you must create appealing beat prices. We will not delve into the reasoning behind beat prices, but think of it this way.  You don’t buy nice clothes at the dollar store. If you like to dress and want quality materials, you shop at the higher end stores and get the clothes you want. If you plan to run around in mud, you will settle for a simple piece of clothing. Using this analogy, you can see why certain prices make your beats seem less valuable. Especially if the price doesn’t match the quality.

Your Systems

To become an extremely effective business owner, you must utilize systems. Systems save time and make your everyday business affairs way easier. Think of using the internet. You can upload and share a song with your audience instantly using SoundCloud or post a webpage for millions of people to see in a matter of moments. Compare this to the old way of working your business. Compiling a large musical demo tape and replicating tons of CDs on your own. Then, going out and physically walking from door to door giving out your music. The old way is tedious and primitive.  You will save time implementing systems and ultimately grow your business at a faster rate.

Common systems that every producer needs to begin to grow a business are email autoresponders, music media upload areas, and a payment gateway. These are vital for the business to even exist. Open your accounts now and we will explain more on systems here at