1. Define the Words You Don’t Understand

The most common words we don’t understand are: “or” ; “by”;  “an” Just goes to show many of us graduate top universities without understanding the primary words in our own language. This leads to misunderstanding of many other words and topics.

When you come across a word you do not understand, define it and use it in context until you gain a better grasp on the word. Misunderstood words are the main reason we cannot progress in learning.

2. Study the Mass of the Subject

Associating an object of mass to a concept will help you better understand it. Whether you have to sketch out concept, create a clay model, or even see the object in real life, we tend to understand subjects much more clearly when we have the mass in front of us.

3. Admit You Don’t Know it All

Going into a course assuming you know it all is the reason you may be disregarding some key concepts and subtleties which other students pick up quickly. When you think you know it all, you don’t test your definitions of words and concepts and never fully understand your accuracy on the topics. This is why many do poorly when they think they know it all.

Use these three tips to get you through new courses at BusyWorksBeats.com. Once you start with the fundamentals like Music Theory in a Day, you can then quickly understand Chord Magic, Melody Magic and the other upper level courses.

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