I will keep this straight to the point. No filler in the Premium Magazine 😀

  1. Do the Most Important Things FIRST
  2. Leave the Menial Tasks for Someone Else (Laundry, Dishes, Washing Your Car, Food runs, etc.)
  3. Categorize your Priorities (You can Try the ABC ranking, A being most important)
  4. Clean Your Environment (This will force you to clean your thought as well)
  5. Turn off ALL Distractions (internet, phone notifications – only leave Payment notifications, TV, friend, food, etc.)
  6. Start with the Raw Materials, Then Process Them
  7. Adding a Workflow Map to Production Will Speed it Up (E.g. Drums> Chords> Melody> Bass> Vocals> Mixing> Mastering)
  8. Say NO (Time Costs, literally – Why Spend 2 Hours for a $20 job, when you can spend 1 hr on a $15 job and 1 hour on another $15 job [$20 or $30?])
  9. Surround Yourself with Motivation Constantly (I suggest Audio Programs because you can multi-task with a visual task)
  10. Constantly write daily targets/tasks (CONSTANTLY!)

These quick points will increase your productivity in no time