Hit Song Structures and Elements at your Fingertips

Use the Chart Topping FL Studio 12 Templates and Song Structures to Write Stronger Songs

New Chart Topping Sounds and Song Structures

Use these premade FL Studio 12 templates to guide your song creation. The templates are fully up to date with today's popular sound from Desiigner, The Chainsmokers, Drake, Justin Timberlake, and Fifth Harmony.

These templates will keep you up to the industry standard so your songs are not rejected for being "too dated"

Get the Pop Sound

These premade FL Studio 12 templates were modeled after the hit songs: Desiigner "Panda"; The Chainsmokers "Don't Let Me Down", Fifth Harmony "Work from Home", Drake "One Dance", and Justin Timberlake "Can't Stop the Feeling".

Use the secret formula song structures that the pros use with these FL Studio 12 project templates. These are the song structures used in REAL HIT SONGS.

Easy Paint by Numbers FL Studio 12 Song Templates


Everything in this Producer Bundle is labeled, sorted, and color coded to help you through the songwriting process much faster. We have simplified the hit song formulas into easy usable FL Studio 12 Project templates for you. You can change midi, drag and drop, rearrange, or even start from scratch and just use the song structure. It's up to your creative approach.

Why You've Made the Right Decision to Avoid the Common Songwriting Mistakes

If you listen to any mainstream producer/artist, they will tell you the most popular songs have a formula. We are sharing this formula with you because we want you to create real music and not have to keep guessing which song structure elements should come next.

A common mistake among producers and artists alike is that they do not have a "story" for their song, they simply plop song sections into a row and call it a day. A song is about the ups and downs, tension and release, and dynamic just like any good Hollywood Blockbuster.

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What's Inside? 5 FL Studio 12 Project Templates modeled after real hit songs
-Full chord progressions
-Full melodies (changed from original song)
-Full song midi
-Full song structure with time markers
-Full Sound design and sound selection WAV Drums which can be used in ANY DAW
-Mixing and Mastering Processing Chains
-No Need for Third Party plugins. All you need are your FL Studio plugins 🙂

Common Questions When will it be delivers?
-Instantly to the email you provide on the order form

Do I have to change the melody? -We have changed the melody for you, but you can make any adjustments to the projects as you'd like

Do these work with FL 11? These project files are for FL 12 and above. You can update for free at Image-Line.com

Can I use these in any DAW? -We have included the WAV versions of the drums for you to use in any DAW

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