How to Sell Beats Online and Work from Anywhere in the World

Transition from a Boring Job to a being a Fulfilled Business Owner

Why Aren’t Your Beats Selling? You spent ten days getting the hook just right and uploaded the beats to SoundClick but only got 3 plays and no money to show for all of your hard work. That’s because your business is missing the 3 things every successful business has mastered: The Audience, The Product, and The Systems.

When I first started posting my music online, I thought Soundclick was the place to be. I saw producers like SuperStar O, Johnny Juliano, and Vybe Beatz dominating every week getting TONS of plays. I thought I could do it too, but I was sadly mistaken. The allure of Soundclick is enticing for new producers because we don’t know there are other ways to sell beats online. We get locked into a robotic mindset that says, “You have to put your beats on this website, or else!”

When I began creating a TRUE business, I saw there are tons of ways to get paid as a music producer. Once I discovered the method for creating my own beat business, I scaled the business up to 500% increase within 6 months. I was beginning to see business growth that I never would have received if I would have stayed on SoundClick. Thank goodness I left. I learned so much from stepping away from the rat race, and I want to share how I created a business that grew 500% in a little under 6 months. You can do it too. That’s what this course is all about. Showing you how to create and sustain a beat business from the comfort of your own home. It’s really that magical and fun to do.

You don’t have to wake up hating your job anymore, you can become a true entrepreneur and learn how to create your own prosperity.  With tons of producers sharing their success stories it’s almost hard to keep track. But we’ve shared some words from our clients below. This stuff really changes your life when you apply it, and it’s super easy once you get started. So, listen to the podcasts below to get your mind ready for the abundance you are about to live.

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