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Basic Edition
† Over 150 Fierce Drums, Chants, and Hits
† Instrument Samples

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Get the Placements You Deserve

Powerful Sounds to Enhance Your Music Production

As a music producer, you know that the right sounds can take your song idea from novice to pro.

X has the powerful sounds you need to stand out in this game. Somewhat a fast lane to fame, this sound project will enhance your production immediately.

Instead of spending hours mixing your drums for perfection, these drums come mixed. No need for mixing.

Take your music production from amateur to Pro.

Here is a demo of the many sounds in the sound project

Testimonials About Our Products:

“Great tutorial,to the point and covered all questions.Thanks


Upstate,NY” –D

“To be honest there is nothing at the moment that I can think of. You
are doing a great service for people such as myself who can’t get
reliable training from anywhere else. I have friends who are pros
a fl but because of time restraints and other obligations I can’t get
the info I need from them when I need it. That’s where yall come
in. The website is great and ur vids are easy to follow and
understand. Yall are professional and seem to just b all around good
people. Plus u keep me motivated to continue to pursue music and
make this a viable revenue stream for myself and my family. I’m
defflenitely a satisfied customer. Now when I get some hits ill make
sure to shout yall out!” –Brandon

“Busyworksbeats has really helped with creating and building my sound. They follow a wide variety of music production styles and leaves no stones unturned” – Arran
“OK so I had a one-on-one intense coaching session with the legendary Game himself. It was great to have this opportunity as I was very eager to learn about FL Studio and what it can really do. My session was broken down into a few different categories of what I wanted to learn, and Game took it from there. He answered all of my questions accurately and broke each section down just so I could understand it better. He even gave me the session video so I can refer back to it at any time. So let me put it like this… If there are any FL Studio novices out there who are looking to get into FL Studio and need that extra push of confidence, Game really is your guy. He has a wealth of knowledge that (in my opinion) surpasses some other FL Studio teachers online. So trust this guy, I did, and I haven’t regretted it since.” –Stephen

“Damn that’s real stuff man. Damn that’s so real u r a blessing bro and something good is coming ur way im tellin u just wait n see bro” –ChiChi Beats

“So I listened to the techniques you gave me,  and it works perfectly fine for me! I really like them. I also really like that at some point it made me more money than I ever made (which I don’t think some of my other methods did).” –Lisa

“Ima get that squared away real soon. Thanks for teaching me btw. Glad you taught it. Ima definitely keep you updated on the progress tho for sure” –Smooth

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