Super Producer Package


X Platinum Edition

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X Platinum Edition
† Over 150 Fierce Drums, Chants, and Hits
† Instrument Samples
† Over 180 Synth Presets
(Massive, Sylenth 1, Sytrus, FM8, Zebra 2)
† Bonus Videos:
Trap Beats Guide
How to Mix Drum Loops
How to Make NY Style Melodies
How to make Drake Beats


Jumpstart Your Song Creation

These Premade FL Studio 12 Templates give you the tools and structure you need to create the beats you want. No longer will you have to search for sounds or have trouble with chord progressions and melodies

Different Styles of Hip Hop

This Starter Pack is focused around Hip Hop but we have included Project Templates and sounds for R&B, Trap, Club, and even a special New Jack Swing style. You can listen to the song demos below.

Bonuses Included

Not only will you get the Starter Pack, you will also get Full Length Bonus Videos from actual courses at You will get full modules and Sounds from courses like Music Theory in a Day, How to Mix Beats Easily, Chord Magic, Ultimate Producer Bundle, Melody Magic, and a Secret Bonus Video.

Starter Pack Includes

15 FL Studio 12 Project Templates

15 Focused Drum Kits

6 Full Length Bonus Course Preview Videos

29 Focused Plugin Presets

Producer Community Invitation

Desktop Wallpaper

Beat Formulas

Emailed Instantly

Secret Beat Formulas from Your Favorite Producers

What's Inside

  • 15 Beat Formulas of Your Favorite Producers
    • Dr. Dre
    • Kanye West
    • Just Blaze
    • Timbaland
    • Pete Rock
    • J Dilla
    • DJ Quik
    • Ryan Leslie
    • The Neptunes
  • 3 Secret FREE Bonus Formulas for Top Producers
  • FREE Demo Tracks (320 kbps MP3 - High CD Quality)
  • FREE Wallpaper Art
  • FREE Bonus Busy Works Beats Membership
  • Individual Instrument and Drum WAV Tracks allow you to remix, sample, and rearrange to create your own songs
  • Pre-selected Instruments take out the annoying guess work
  • Mixed Master Track for Reference when Practicing Mixing
  • Practice Sample Chops
  • Take advantage of Real Instrument Recordings
  • Discover Your Potential to Make Beats Like the Pros


  • 1GB+ Compressed and 6GB+ Uncompressed
  • WAV Format

Super Producer Package (Bonuses Only)

Contain BLACK and Synth Magic

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