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Chord Magic 2

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Melody Magic

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Music Theory Essentials (BONUSES ONLY)

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  • Music Theory in a Day

    This package includes the full Music Theory in a DayCourse

  • Chord Magic

    This package includes the full Chord Magic Course

  • Melody Magic

    This package includes the full Melody Magic Course

  • Bonus Materials

    This package includes New Bonus Materials!

  • Easy Music Theory

    Learn the foundations of music theory with ease. Learn how notes go together with harmony and much more

  • Create Chord Progressions

    Create dynamic chord progressions with this system

  • Master Magic Melodies

    Make magic Melodies using our sure-fire system

  • Complete Your Compositions

    Learn how to get past writer’s block and complete your songs with ease

Music Theory in a Day3

Music Theory in a Day

  • Easy Videos

    ► Easy to understand instructional video

    ► Song Elements Explained

    ► Watch in a Day or Take Your Time over 30 Days

    ► Easy to Reference Videos

    ► Straight to the Point Videos

    ► Experience the Next Level of Music Production

    ► Learn How to Make Beats Faster with Theory

  • Music Theory Explained

    → Skip the boring University lectures and Learn Music Theory Fast

    → Make Fulls Songs and Not JUST Loops

    → Fully Understand the Hit Songwriting Formula

    → Learn Music Theory for the Modern Producer

    → No Specific DAW required

    → Fully Express Your Musical Talents

  • Everything Explained

    • Learn to Make ANY Chord

    • Learn How to Change Chords Easily

    • Learn How the Common Scales Work

    • Learn How to Make Great Melodies

    • Learn How to Make Chord Progression

    • Learn Chord Tricks

    • Learn How to Make Effective Basslines

    • No Confusing Vocabulary

    • No Degree Needed: Easy to Understand Videos a Ten Year Old Could Understand

What’s Inside

  • Secret Chord Code System-Create ANY Chord
  • How to Create Chords by Shape
  • Major and Minor Scale Codes
  • Blues, Melodic Minor, and Harmonic Minor Scale Codes
  • How to Create Chord Progressions
  • How to Expand Chords
  • How to Create Melody
  • How to Write Full Songs
  • Bonus-Music Theory Essentials Preview Mini Course
  • Why Traditional Music Theory is so Complicated
  • What is a Chord?
  • What is a Melody?
  • What is a Chord Progression?
  • How to Make Long Chord Progressions
  • How to Write Melody from the Mind
  • How to Create Inspirational Chords
  • How to Make Interesting Bassline
  • How to Make Jazzy Chord Progressions
  • How to Create Melodies Using Chords
  • Circle of 5ths Simplified
  • Circle of 4ths Simplified
  • Writing Full Songs-Genres: Hip Hop, Rock, EDM, RnB
  • Chord Midi for Any DAW
  • Original course included for more detail
  • Scales and Scale Degrees
  • Song Structures

  • File Type : ZIP Files (To handle file use (PC) or (MAC)
  • File Size: 9 GB
  • Video Format: MP4

Get a FREE Chord Code Book and FREE Project Files

Sign up now for a free Chord code book with chord codes for every chord. You will also gain access to project files to help you through your songwriting.

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Chord Magic 2

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What’s Inside?

  • 3 Easy to Follow Modules
  • Over 50 Tutorials on Genre Style Chords and Playing Styles
  • Full Song Walkthroughs using Chords
  • Genres Covered: R&B, Trap, Jazz, Neo Soul, Rock, Pop, EDM, House


File Types: Mp4, .Zip, .Mid

Size: 5 GB

Format: Separate Downloads

Delivery: Orders sent to EMAIL ONLY (Please check Spam Folders)


Melody Magic


12 Concept Videos

11 Technique Videos

7 Special Bonuses

File Type: MP4, Zip, MID (midi), FLP (FL Studio Project Files)

Total File Size: 11GB

Emailed Instantly


Music Theory Essentials BONUSES ONLY

Music Theory Essentials (BONUSES ONLY)

Bonus content for the Music Theory Essentials Package

Does not Include Melody Magic, Chord Magic or Music Theory in a Day. For the Full Music Theory Essentials Package visit here



  • New Bonus Material Includes

    Modes Explained

    Advanced Chord Sequencing

    Genre Specific Chords

    Super Scales

    Secret Chord Codes Book

    Special Songwriting System

    How to find the key of any song

    and More…

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