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Secret Beat Formulas from Your Favorite Producers

What’s Inside

  • 15 Beat Formulas of Your Favorite Producers
    • Dr. Dre
    • Kanye West
    • Just Blaze
    • Timbaland
    • Pete Rock
    • J Dilla
    • DJ Quik
    • Ryan Leslie
    • The Neptunes
  • 3 Secret FREE Bonus Formulas for Top Producers
  • FREE Demo Tracks (320 kbps MP3 – High CD Quality)
  • FREE Wallpaper Art
  • FREE Bonus Busy Works Beats Membership
  • Individual Instrument and Drum WAV Tracks allow you to remix, sample, and rearrange to create your own songs
  • Pre-selected Instruments take out the annoying guess work
  • Mixed Master Track for Reference when Practicing Mixing
  • Practice Sample Chops
  • Take advantage of Real Instrument Recordings
  • Discover Your Potential to Make Beats Like the Pros


  • 1GB+ Compressed and 6GB+ Uncompressed
  • WAV Format
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The Secret Formulas of Your Favorite Producers

Unlock the Power of the Pros

Imagine your favorite producer handing you their coveted hard drive full of unreleased tracks and drums and saying “Take these and Make it Big. One rule, you must use these for good.” And when you grab his hard drive, you instantly open up your DAW and start chopping new drum kits, remixing records, and flipping unreleased tracks.  You crank out 5 beats in an hour because all the work is done for you, and all you had to do was put your touch on the records. Day after day, sifting through the genius of every track from your favorite producer, you realize you have over 15 hit songs you can pitch to the Major Artists and AnRs. You take your chance and send to the biggest artist in the industry. Their camp takes your call and puts you on. You have now MADE IT. All from making the first decision, to take the hard drive from your favorite producer. Don’t waste any more time, get Beat Formulas Now

Testimonials About Our Products:

“Busyworksbeats has really helped with creating and building my sound. They follow a wide variety of music production styles and leaves no stones unturned” – Arran
“Damn that’s real stuff man. Damn that’s so real u r a blessing bro and something good is coming ur way im tellin u just wait n see bro” –ChiChi Beats
“Ima get that squared away real soon. Thanks for teaching me btw. Glad you taught it. Ima definitely keep you updated on the progress tho for sure” –Smooth

“I can not explain in any words how much I admire you game, not only because I purchase your products and services but because your desire to teach in such a humbling matter. God Bless YOu. Thanks again.”-G-roc a loyal student

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