About Premium Membership

The New Premium Membership is now available online Anywhere in the World. Come Learn How to Make Beats Like the Pros which will help you learn music production 10 times faster.  Learn Music Theory, Mixing, Sound Design and More. Early pricing is extremely limited and these reserved spots will sell out.

Music Production is changing faster than ever...Are You Ready to Grow or be left behind?

Are you tired of getting beat block while producers fly by you getting millions of views?

Feel like your music business or production skills are not growing as fast as they should be?

With technology and innovation advancing tremendously, competition is getting fiercer by the day. If you want to stand a chance at having a shot in this industry you need to be more in tune with this music landscape than ever before.

You simply can't afford to learn from anybody, you must learn from the best.

You don't need to follow the crowd, you need to create one.

You can't think and plan, you must act and execute.

You can't follow the trends, you must generate them.

That's why I created the new Premium Membership Program.

This premier training has created producers with grammy nominations, emmy awards, publishing deals, and crazy business opportunities.

This dedicated group represents the leaders of the industry, online and offline.

Real producers don't wait for the "next thing", they create it.

We will reveal cutting edge music industry production technique that the pros will never show you because you would become their competition.

..To be clear, we study top charting songs and trending songs and find all the components which make them great. We break it down into easy step-by-step processes you can follow in ANY DAW.

This training is made easy for you. No need to waste time in boring music lessons or watching random tutorials on YouTube.

All training is highly prepared to fit the modern sound and was created to teach you from the ground up, so you understand the fundamentals of music production, music theory, mixing, and sound design.


The premium training focuses on 3 main pillars of music production.

Have you ever wondered how the top music producers and artists create those long chord progressions and enticing melodies? We will show you how to create real music with no prior experience.

Our Music Theory training will give you the essentials of music theory so you can get started 10 times faster and make real songs without spending countless hours trying to write your first chord progression.

You will learn how to:

  • Create Trance setting Emotional Chord Progressions
  • Turn a blank canvas into a Full Song
  • Translate those Abstract chord progressions in your mind into Your DAW
  • Gain the skill to work in ANY DAW because you know music
  • Stay ahead of the competition by using Secret Songwriting Techniques
  • Quickly create music with no past experience



How to Create EVERY Chord


Master the Most Popular Scales

CIRCLE OF 5ths AND 4ths

Discover the Hidden Secret of the Circle of 5ths and 4ths


Discover the True Power of Modes


How to Create Chord Expansions and Alternatives


Learn the True Secret to Great Melody


Learn the Easy tricks to Better Basslines


Learn the Structures, Secret Styles, and System for Songwriting

Still looking for ways to get your mixes to translate and sound good in any environment?

Our mixing training will guide you through real songs and modern music production technique, all while focusing on core fundamentals and principles of mixing which can be applied to any DAW, any studio, and any song.

You will learn how to:

  • Use your DAW native plugins to create a clean modern sound
  • Instantly fix a mix without using any plugins
  • Match any top industry mix using "In-the-box" solutions
  • Get Your Vocals to sound like the pros: Drake, Travis Scott, Kanye and More
  • Create a booming bass which rocks your car
  • Master your tracks for maximum clarity


Mix in Any DAW

No need to purchase extra plugins

Learn the Secrets

Discover the tricks only 1% of mixing engineers know about

Clean Mixes Everytime

Learn the Formula for a clean mix

Build Boomin' Bass

Transform your bass to translate into any environment

Mastering In-the-Box

How to use industry leading plugins for a great master

Top Notch - Industry Level Mixing

Match your mixes to the top acts of the industry

Vocal Mixing

Industry Level Vocal Mixing Technique

Classic Mixing

Learn how to use the classic mixing gear

Ready to crack the code on production secrets and tricks? We call it Premium Production training...it is a rigorous training program which covers all areas of music production - Recording, Composition, Beat Making, Music Theory, Sound Design, Mixing, Mastering, and Post Production

You will learn how to:

  • Make modern genres: Trap, House, EDM, Pop, and Hip Hop
  • Music production techniques you can use in any DAW
  • How to sample and remix songs
  • How to find sounds which match songs on the top charts


Home Recording Made Easy

How to achieve the pro sound right at home

Create Complete Compositions

Turn your blank canvas into a full song and beat producer block

Beatmaking in Any DAW

Make Beats in ANY DAW

Music Theory Made Easy

Learn how to make songs using any tools

Sound Design Made Simple

Craft any Sound from scratch

Mixing Made Easy

Learn the Ins and Outs of Mix Engineering

Mastering Made Easy

Get Your Tracks Loud and Clear

Post Production Training

Learn How to Make Audio sound better for Podcasts, Videos, and commercials


  • How to gain a huge audience and truly go independent
  • Never rely on a major label ever again with these marketing secrets
  • Sell music from anywhere in the world and regain your time freedom
  • Gain full control of your destiny using groundbreaking technological advances
  • Stick out like a sore thumb while your competition begs for sales
  • How to attract anyone to any event you host


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If for any reason you would like to cancel your subscription, our support team will handle that for you. You have a 180 day money back guarantee.