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One frustrating experience that I've faced in my early production days will never be forgotten. The day I sent my first beat to an A&R of a big record label. This ordeal still haunts me 'til today, because I know that if I was prepared back then, I could possibly be much bigger in this music industry.

Imagine finishing what you think is a radio hit. You crank the beat up and it feels magical. Everything seems aligned. This is the first beat you can really say you have full confidence in. So, you take the chance and send this track to an A&R of a huge record label.

Crossing your fingers you anticipate the return email all night long. As time goes on, you start to doubt your work and question your skill. You receive an email the next morning from the A&R. It reads, "Hey, this track sounds dope. But.." as soon as you see "but" your heart pauses a second. It continues, "but the mix doesn't sound hard enough and isn't loud enough.  Isn't loud enough? What does that even mean? Did I just waste a huge opportunity?

I was furious. I actually took his feedback as an insult. As I unfollowed him on Twitter and blocked his tweets. It never occurred to me at the time that I was responsible for blowing a huge opportunity, simply because I didn't take the time to learn how to mix my beats.

I don't want you to go through a similar situation in which I went through some years back. I want you to take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way. I learned over time that mixing plays a huge part in the way people perceive your music. You can take a weak, hollowed out beat and turn it into a hard thumping masterpiece. All with the power and magic of mixing.

When you discover the secret techniques I lay out for you in the New Mixing Academy, you will be rubbing your hands like Birdman. You will literally have the power to transform mediocre and average recordings into Billboard worthy music. I proved this with the many free videos we gave out this week-You've seen these videos if you've subscribed to our Youtube channel or are on the mailing list.

We gave you those videos for free because we want to show you how effective these techniques are for your own mixes. We created this New Mixing Academy to make mixing easier for you and make you better at mixing so you don't miss opportunities like I once did.

I take out all the guess work involved in the creative world of mixing and break it down into step by step processes you can apply immediately.

This academy is about more than techniques. It's about showing you the fundamental things. Making it easier to understand WHY you're making a particular mixing decision. Not just a bunch of random mixing techniques which won't help you in the long run.

Countless "industry" pros have displayed their uneasiness about our courses. And that's because we simplify the material to such an easy form, that they feel you will become their competition if you access our videos and courses. Some industry vets like Rodney Jerkins openly showed support for our works and I appreciate him to the fullest.

The free videos we sent out and have below are just the tip of the iceberg. There is much more ready to be discovered by you when you gain access to the New Mixing Academy.

You don't need to fumble through your mixes and spend hours trying to make your songs sound good. Many of over 55,000 producers have noted on our YouTube channel how quick they learned mixing simply from the free videos we shared with you.

As you know, I love building up the producer community and making sure we all succeed in these times.

If you wish to be apart of the live Mixing Academy, join within the first 4 weeks if you wish to send in your request for video updates. You can learn more below.

Here's what our Users have to Say

  • SweenzBeatz (Email)

    “Yo Game, I just want to show you some love outside of your website and youtube channel. I have watched pretty much every single one of your videos and just want to thank you for all the tips and tricks from actually making beats and also the business side. People don’t really understand that the music industry is actually a business and its not all about making good beats. I’m currently an intern at Blackbird Studios in Nashville, TN and produce Hip Hop on the side. The best thing about this industry is that you can never learn to much and there’s always room to improve. Even though I do all my production inside Pro Tools, your FL tutorials still help me because you take the time to explain music theory and not just the DAW. You really know what you’re doing and helping people all around the world. Thanks Brah and keep it up.”


  • Brad Kelley (FB Message)

    “if you are the guy that does the you tube videos for 10 years i was mixing wrong and doing all kinds of things wrong and in one night watched as many of your tuts as possible and filled in the gaps i had and i finally made the beats sound how i imagined them”

  • Connorman10 (FB Message)

    “As a 15 year old its hard finding videos and tips and just things I need to be a better producer but I just wanna say that your videos have really helped me understand a lot!!. I’m very grateful to have come across you account and to learn from someone who clearly knows what they’re doing. I appreciate the work you do to help people, like me, with a dream. I know I’m not very good yet but with help from you videos and practice, one day ill be there. and hopefully turn my dream into reality. Thanks a lot man!!”

Here's What a Seasoned Veteran Has to Say

rodney jerkins tweet

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What's the Mixing Academy All About?

The mixing academy is a course dedicated to making the art of mixing easier for you to understand. We break down the concepts of mixing for you and teach you through video so that you understand the "why" of mixing. Lots of producers simply learn mixing techniques but they have no idea why it works. Well, this course shows you why. And learning the "why" will be critical in your skill as a mixer. Knowing "why" will open up tons of doors you may have over looked when mixing. This course is packed full of in-the-field mixing examples showing you how to approach a mix and dominate it with excellence.

  • Learn the Fundamentals

    We arranged the mixing academy so that you learn the fundamentals first. Once you watch the fundamental modules, you will then be ready to watch the in-field videos which go in depth showing you how to apply the concepts in mixing mastery.

  • Make Your Songs Louder, Colorful and Crispy

    I don’t want you to get rejected by record label execs like I once did when first starting out. I want you to be able to make your songs loud enough to compete, but not too loud. We will show you how to take a dead mix and bring life into it with classic technique. I will show you the secrets to making your song sound smooth as silk and crisp as a new dollar bill.

  • Course Updates Give You the Advantage

    For special editions of the Mixing Academy (Coming Soon) You will be able to create your own mixing course. Once available, we will take a few students’ requests for mixing tutorials. These requests will then be sent to the few enrolled students for 4 weeks straight! That’s like 10 courses in one. More details coming soon.

30-day Money Back Guarantee

I believe this Mixing Academy will change your life as a mixing engineer, producer, and artist. I believe that you will see results almost immediately if you apply our teachings. I believe in this Academy so much, that I am offering a 30 day money back guarantee with no hassles.