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When I first got started producing music, I just made beats. I had no idea what mixing was or why it was important.

Imagine just getting your first midi controller and opening up your DAW to get straight to producing. Then you crank out a crazy track. Everything came out right but when you check your headphones, you notice the drums don't sound as hard as they did when you were making the beat. And the bass just doesn't sound the same in my headphones compared to the speakers. You even notice some bass wobbling that wasn't there before.

Mixing is used to make your song and beat more presentable. It will make it sound more professional. It can literally change the way we perceive a sound.

I used to think mixing was confusing but that was because I used to watch random YouTube tutorials showing random techniques without understanding what any plugin actually did or even why they made those decisions. Mixing is about making decisions. You have to know why you're making a decision. It's okay to start by learning mixing techniques but you will notice you keep repeating those techniques because that's all you know. So you may be unnecessarily  compressing your drums with a multi-band compressor because that's the only technique you saw on a video.

I've put together a course package for you which explains every aspect of mixing. From mixing beats to full songs with vocals, you learn everything in between and get the real definitions and concepts explained fully. I guide you step by step through techniques as well as concepts you need to know in order to make more professional records. You don't need tons of mixing plugins, you can use your native plugins.  I guide you step-by-step through many mixing scenarios and explain every decision along the way.

What's Inside

Full How to Mix Beats Easily Course

Full Mixing Academy 1.0 Course

Full How to Mix Vocals Easily Course

2 Quick Mastering Techniques

2 Quick Tips on Making Your Drums Stick Out

3 Quick Tips on How to Mangle Your 808

Drake Vocal Sample FX

How to Make 808s Punchier

How to Make Drums Sounds More Powerful

How to Mix RnB Tracks

How to Mix Using Native Plugins in FL Studio 12

How to Mix a 4 Track Hip Hop Song

How to Tune Your Instruments

Kanye West Vocal FX

Kanye West Vocal Harmony

Mastering with Maximus

Mixing 808s

Mixing Instrumentals

Mixing Pop

Mixing Pop2 Pt 1

Mixing RnB Full

Mixing RnB Track 1

Mixing Vocal Chains

Mixing Vocals 3 Mixing Academy

Mixing Vocals Pitch Correction

Mixing Vocals Using Melodyne

Mixing Vocals-Pitch Correction

Mixing and Mastering

Mixing and Sound Design

Multiband Compression Mixing Academy

Plugin Exploration-Izotope 7 Mixing

Project Stems (Talk About It)

Tape Stop Effects

Why You Need this Course Package

Cut down mixing time by hours

Learn at Your Own Pace

Utilize Specific Techniques or Watch in Full

Mix tracks in the same recording session

Save money on Third Party Mixing Service

Save wasted time in university

Make Your Songs sound finished and not like demos

Get more opportunities based on the song presentation

Restore old projects and make them new again

Utilize your native DAW plugins or use third party plugins

Open a higher level of music production

Use these mixing techniques to increase your sound design skill

Before and After a Mix

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I'm just a beginner? +

This course package will accelerate your learning process at least 10X. You can work your way through the How to Mix Beats Easily course and then get into higher level after that.

Do I Need Third Party Plugins? +

No. We go over the techniques and concepts you can apply to any plugin. We do go over some specific plugin techniques but you don't need third party plugins. You can use your DAW native plugins.

Why does this cost so much? +

This course package will save you years of university costs and cut down your learning curve.

How is the Course Delivered? Is it physically mailed or Sent to Email? +

After you order, you will be sent the course package for download in your email.

Is this only for FL Studio Plugins? +

You can use any plugins you like. We show you how to get the most out of your DAW native plugins and other third party plugins

Will this help me make my songs louder? +

Yes, part of mixing is making things louder. We go over how to do that in the mix and on the master

I'm an artist. Can I use this for vocals? +

Yes, we show you how to make your vocals transparent, crisp, and clean. We even show you how to get your vocals like Drake, Kanye West, and Travis Scott.

I make EDM. Can I use this for EDM? +

Yes, we cover many techniques you can apply to EDM

Is this only for hip hop? +

This course package covers mixing techniques and concepts which apply to all genres. We guide you through RnB, hip hop, pop, and trap music.

Why is mixing important? +

Cake wouldn't be as tasty without the frosting. The same applies to your music. Mixing polishes your sound and mastering gets it ready for the radio.

 Get 3 FREE Videos Straight from the Course Package

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