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The FL Studio 12 Journey

Do you run home in excitement to finally have time to create your musical masterpiece?  I know that feeling exactly. Relaxing, and opening up FL Studio to get my ideas out into the world. It is one of the best feelings as a music producer.  But, I remember it wasn't always like that.

In the early days of becoming a music producer, I remember dabbling with FL Studio and coming up with experimental songs which would never appear on the radio. Even though the songs were novice, I still had the passion to create more.

What frustrated me was that I didn't have the right sounds and knew little about writing full songs at the time. I would make beats, but they would sound computerized and random.  Having little money to spend on top quality sounds, I had to learn the hard way. But, after years of trial and error I have compiled a formulaic system to complete full songs which sound radio friendly.

I decided to give you the free video series above on FL Studio 12, to help you get past the same hurdles I faced back when I first started music production.  No longer will you have to guess your way through a song or go on long stressful searches for sounds that you are not familiar with.  This new Starter Pack was designed with you in mind. I know how hard it is to get quality sounds and make full songs.  That's why we gave you the free video series above to help you get through your first full song and show you how helpful this starter pack will be for you.

We have made it easier than ever to load up premade FL Studio 12 Projects, Sounds, and Drums to help you create your songs faster.

"Music Industry" producers hate us for releasing this starter pack because they think we are just spoon feeding you beats. That can't be further from the truth. We are here to give you starter beats and sounds to get you focused in on your musical goal. Giving you the tools you need right away, so you can naturally complete songs the way you have imagined them.  One problem all music producers have is TOO many options and that's why we narrowed the focus for you, so you can complete songs and actually come up with complete finished products.

This formula is just one of many at but since over 45,000 of you were waiting all week for us to release this Starter Pack, we couldn't delay any further.

Over 45,000 producers like you have decided we are helping them achieve the dream they have always wanted since they were a kid. In the New Producer Community on Facebook, we even talk about ways to perfect this craft and ultimately make it easier.

This Starter Pack will put you on the level of top producers who make songs for Kanye West, Jay-Z, Lil Wayne, Drake, Eminem, Kendrick Lamar, 50 Cent and More because you will have a focused Starter Pack to guide you quickly along the song creation path which will allow you to add ideas faster than before.

If I never decided to sharpen my production skills or find quicker ways to utilize FL Studio, who knows how lost I would be.

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Jumpstart Your Song Creation

These Premade FL Studio 12 Templates give you the tools and structure you need to create the beats you want. No longer will you have to search for sounds or have trouble with chord progressions and melodies

Different Styles of Hip Hop

This Starter Pack is focused around Hip Hop but we have included Project Templates and sounds for R&B, Trap, Club, and even a special New Jack Swing style. You can listen to the song demos below.

Bonuses Included

Not only will you get the Starter Pack, you will also get Full Length Bonus Videos from actual courses at You will get full modules and Sounds from courses like Music Theory in a Day, How to Mix Beats Easily, Chord Magic, Ultimate Producer Bundle, Melody Magic, and a Secret Bonus Video.

"I just Wanna say thank you. thank you a million times for your tutorials . I've learned alot"

DJ Titanium

"This helps me so much as a starting artist and was really bugging me! thanks man!:) "

DJ Jusha

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If you would like the Follow Along Files with the Free Video Series Above and We have included a FREE Drum Kit for You

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