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Don't just take it from me. Hear from our Clients

"Am thankful to you for teachin me how to make beats. I have seen most of your free videos from youtube and your site and i have gotten good in it. last night just did my first ever complete beat and i was like daaamn.. Its been a good road for me and you have inspired me to become a producer or beatmaker and its not easy coming from KENYA where I am 18years and have to be versatile and know how to make Kenyan music which are many due to different cultures where as opposed mostly you teach urban hiphop rnb and techno beats."


Yo Game,

I just want to show you some love outside of your website and youtube channel. I have watched pretty much every single one of your videos

and just want to thank you for all the tips and tricks from actually making beats and also the business side. People don’t really understand that the music industry is actually a business and its not all about making good beats. I’m currently an intern at Blackbird Studios

in Nashville, TN and produce Hip Hop on the side. The best thing about this industry is that you can never learn to much and there’s always room to improve. Even though I do all my production inside of Pro Tools, your FL tutorials still help me because you take the time to explain music theory and not just the DAW. You really know what you’re doing and helping people all around the world. Thanks Brah and keep it up.


Hey man I have so much respect for you. I remember when I began working out everyone was giving out info left and right but most of it was bogus and they wanted you to buy EVERYTHING. All of their videos were ads for products. Sure you have products but you give out a TON of free info so it all makes sense and meshes together well. I found this guy named scooby who refused to charge people ridiculous amounts of money to learn how to lift weights and eat healthy. Anyway my point is that you remind me of him. You're all about giving back to people. I hope good things come your way in life my friend. I am a firm believer in Karma. I plan to give back to those struggling to produce once I can create some stuff on my own. You don't hold back "secrets" and you want everyone to learn so it seems. If you ever get tired or feel sick of doing this just remember that I/WE appreciate you so much. I paid for mac pro video tutorials and they're great but they're just not specific to hip hop. I love how you say hey this is how you do some wonda girl stuff or this is how you do something in a travis porter beat. It makes things easier and more likable. I love your stuff! Please keep them coming. Peace and love from Chicago, Illinois.

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