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Do you begin songs with great ideas only to end up in Beat Purgatory, where your song just loops over and over again?

I used to be where you are, constantly writing great melodies and harmonies which ultimately turned into 4 bar loops. I HATED that such a great concept went to waste and that the world couldn’t hear my song.

I didn’t know what was holding me back from making a full song. But you know what I did?  I tried copying my 4 bar loop over and over again, but that only made the beat sound repetitive and boring. What was wrong?

I knew this song had potential but I didn’t have the correct skill to take the loop and turn it into a full song. I went on furiously, but finally stumbled upon the skill I needed all this time. Song Structure.

I discovered a sure-fire system for you which turns loops into full songs. It’s so easy now that I have created this process, to make a full song even from a simple 4 bar loop. It’s that powerful. I want to share this process with you today.

Over the first week in March, I sent out 3 special videos for you. I gave this out for FREE because I want you to experience the power of finishing your songs. I have found this is the best habit in creating extensive song libraries to sell to companies and artists alike.

This system takes out the confusion of beat making. You will have the full process and understand the bigger picture. No longer will you have to spend hours on a beat just for a weird conflict later down the line.

My new system was built specifically with YOU in mind. I have been where you are. I truly understand how frustrating it can be when you want to express your soul, but the computer tells you otherwise.

This process is so easy, I broke it down into 6 bite size video sections. Yes, your brain can eat knowledge 😀

Top music industry leaders want you to think your DAW isn’t worth a penny because “it’s just for loops.” I’m hear to tell you, you can successfully take a 4 bar loop and make a full song. Your DAW has nothing to do with your song completion.

I have decided not only to show you the beat making process, but I reveal many hidden techniques which are not publicly demonstrated.

The New Producer Community on Facebook and the many producers at told me this is what you want to learn. That’s why I brought it to you today.

Over the next 30 days, I want you to take this course and dive into the principles and concepts which we go over. It’s so important to understand the purpose of doing something. Without the purpose, your song will be led astray.

This formula shows you how the Top Billboard Leaders write their songs and make their beats. I want you to rival the pros and to do that, you must take the first step.  Without my attempt to correct my loop problem, I would never be able to make the songs I truly had in my heart.



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“hey, I dont often do this, but I just wanted to thank you. I have been tinkering around with FL for years now, not really knowing what im doing and just making some wierd stuff. I am a musician, have been playing guitar for 15 years and could never translate the way I write on guitar to FL. Your lessons online have been my savour! Seriously. My tracks are way better over the last year and directly because of you, so I just wanted to say thank you. I just finished the new automation lesson and it was the one I was waiting for. I wonderd what I was missing to program a little more soul in to FLand you have shown me, so thanks one more time. Keep up the good work bud” –Boox

“Hey How Is Going???… My Name Is Rich I Found Your Videos On YouTube & I Began To Watch & Learn A lot From Them… I’m Still New To Producing & Didn’t Have Any Help Learning So Your Videos Came In Handy… I’m Also A Premium Member On Busy Works Beats.” -Rich

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Instant Email DownloadWhat’s Inside?
6 Core Principle Video Sections
Billboard Artist Style Drum Kits (9)
Bruno Mars, David Guetta, DJ Mustard, Wiz Khalifa, Kanye West, Meek Mill, Ne-Yo
Billboard Artist Style WAV Tracks + Analog Gear Sample Tracks (10)
Bruno Mars, David Guetta, DJ Mustard, Wiz Khalifa, Kanye West, Meek Mill, Ne-Yo
Song Creation Walkthroughs (6)
Secret Advanced Technique Videos (12)
Big Sean IDFWU, Kanye West-So Help Me, Fetty Wap, T.I. and More
Chord Progression videos (2)
Bonus Hip Hop and RnB Coaching Courses
FL Studio Project Files (FLPs) (14)
WAV Drum Project Samples
Why Beat Magic is for You
Overly simplified Beat Concepts make it a breeze to start
Pre-selected Drums give you immediate direction in your songwriting
Utilize Wav Tracks for Easy Sampling or Chopped and Screwed Styles
We take you step-by-step to show you how full beats are created
Learn the Secrets of the Pros with Advanced Beat Technique Videos
Get a quick hold on chords with these chord progression videos
Gain the Urban Edge by using State of the Art Technique
Follow along in FL Studio with Project Files
Use any DAW to Manipulate the Song Tracks Provided (FL Studio not Required)
Video Sections and Concepts
The Equipment
The Beat Making Process
Drum Patterns Explained
Structuring Full Songs
Sound Selection
Automation and Effects
Chord Progressions
Song Walkthroughs
Hip Hop and R&B Video Sections
Electronic Music
Bonus-Advanced Materials

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Beat Magic shows you How to Create Beats from Start to Finish. Use this proven system to create the songs you’ve always had in your head.

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