[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/3″][gap size=”1.313em”][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/3″][text_output]Imagine waking up early on a sunny Saturday morning.  You go to wipe the crust off your face and frown in disgust after catching a whiff of your atrocious morning breath. Then, all of a sudden, you remember there is something special waiting for you.

You stiffly run in excitement into your third room–turned home office– and log into your out dated Windows Vista account. You press in your ipod headphones and click, click, click and finally open your favorite Music Production Software Program, FL Studio 7.

Your ears perk up from the initial blip sound from the program opening. You’re in. You stare at a blank gray canvas with endless thoughts running through your mind on what will become the next hit song. You hum a bassline, you whistle a melody, and you click to start the master piece that has been stored in your mind.

A couple minutes go by and you have a solid drum beat going. But as you bob your head to the techno-funk groove, you quickly catch yourself and remember you started out to create a hip hop beat, what the heck are you doing?

You frantically delete the quirky techno-funk-gypsy loop you created and again stare at the same blank gray canvas.

Back to square one. You have to start all over again, frustrated from the time wasted and the fact that you forgot how you hummed the bassline and whistled the melody.

You place your hand on your forehead and try to reach into your brain to grab the lost thoughts. Then, you come to realize you just wasted the perfect chance to express this hit song.

You angrily click the X in the corner of the screen and go about your day, always wondering what it would be like to actually create the song that was in your head. You even remember dreaming about the song’s harmonies, melody, bassline and drum sequence. It’s all gone now.

I’m Game, founder and owner of BusyWorksBeats.com and that used to be ME years ago before I found the secret techniques to creating full songs from start to finish. I used to struggle with complicated software jargon and unnecessarily complex software virtual instruments with tons of knobs that had no label, just a squiggly looking symbol.

I know, firsthand, the mist of ambiguity which beclouds you when you even attempt to watch and apply a YouTube tutorial from start to finish. You sit there watching the video, pausing it every 2 seconds to go copy what the YouTube guy says, then he’ll do a step without explaining what he did, and it wasted your whole time trying to follow along.

I know, I’ve been there too. Now, after discovering a new system which is 100% effective in creating songs from start to finish, I wish to share it with you.

My goal is to help elevate as many music producers in the world as humanly possible. I want you to be able to express what’s in your mind at any given moment. You don’t have to be a Superstar Piano player to express what’s in your mind. You don’t have to be a rockin’ guitar soloist.

You don’t have to be these guys to make great songs because you have the power to create symphonies in your mind, and you might not even know a THING about music theory arrangement, blah blah blah.

The “music industry” wants you to think they are some hip crowd of elite super humans that walk the earth commanding their body guards to shove and tackle the crazed fans which envelope their glowing auras. They’re not.

You have the same amount of power and potential to create. Don’t let these Music Producers in the industry ever tell you different.  If you don’t believe me, answer this question, who created instruments? Humans. Who created the human vocal cords which are the 1st instrument known to man? You don’t need to be Mr. Virtuoso on a piano to express what’s in your mind. Just look at music sales. Is Jazz the top selling genre? No, pop music is and that’s because the difficulty of music has no effect on the amount of money to be earned.   Music does not have to be complicated.

I am here to guide you out of the gray zone. You want to reach the next level as a music producer, and this website is the best place to start.

We give you hundreds of FREE music production tutorial videos on Our YouTube Channel because we want you to realize, you can do it too. It’s easy.

The formulas and techniques I show you are full proof. You can apply them immediately for instant results. We even show you new and top secret state-of-the-art techniques here at BusyWorksBeats.com for Premium Members.

We even started a New Producer Community on Facebook with over 1,500 Producers just like you who want to come together as a mastermind group and conquer this “industry.” No longer will you be treated like an outsider who gets spit on, not literally of course.

We even show you techniques of your favorite Artists and Producers. Showing you step-by-step how to achieve radio ready songs. Ranging from artists like J.Dilla to Jay-Z and Kanye West, we show you all you need to know.

We even release our secret techniques in our latest courses like Music Theory in a Day and Beat Magic. We show you the essentials of Music Theory and How you can apply them in one day, yes one day. It is possible.

In Beat Magic, we show you our step-by-step process in creating full songs. No more gypsy loops cluttering your canvas space with no song to show for it.

We set out to uplift as many producers around the world as possible to bring you to a higher level of music production. I believe if we all elevate, we can force real music to return to the radio and in turn become more successful from delivering a higher quality of music.

If you are with me, Join over 40,000 YouTube Subscribers on the journey of becoming the best music producer.

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Also, I don’t have much of any extensive photo gallery, so, you can see me hear in this short video cameo of our small studio setup.

Thanks for stopping by, don’t forget, you can always contact us at info@busyworksbeats.com or use our contact form. See Ya[/text_output][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/3″][gap size=”1.313em”][/vc_column][/vc_row]